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Defeat Your Friend 2Player


What do you think of a multiplayer game in which you defeat your friend. In fact rather more game...Defeat Your Friend Game brings 'Dots and Boxes', 'Pong', 'Memory', 'Math Wars', 'Tic Tac Toe' and 'Hi-Lo' games which are very enjoyable multiplayer games together. You must show your wise or agility in some games. If you win the struggle against your friend, you can force him to do whatever you want. Dots and Boxes : You must produce more squares than your friends. Pong: Keep the ball away from you. Memory: Where are the same cards? Match them!Match War: You must answer the questions correctly before your friend. Tic Tac Toe: Try to bring three same symbols together. Hi-loy: You must know if the next number is smaller or bigger. You can change the type of challening your friend on the screen. An enjoyable multiplayer game is waiting for you.Play Web Version: http://www.hihoy.com/defeat-your-friend/

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