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When you bump into a problem, and you need some help, what do you do to find help? How fast can you make a real service professional respond and actually take a look at your problem? You need real people in real-time and you need them fast. Finding the right person for your needs fast is critical. You may want to have several professionals take a look at your problem and come up with a resolution or an advise. Myarea app is the best place to find and engage local professionals.

Why? Simply because, You, as a customer, pay directly for time they spend on the phone. You read reviews, decide who is the right person, check their cost-per-minute, then call or message. Once you call, you know, they WILL answer. You also know, they have a button "Start Charge" which launches Pay-Per-Minute meter. But you also know - you are talking to the right person and every minute of their time is worth the cost.

Social Distancing is changing the way how we get things done. The NEW NORMAL means less interaction, minimum contact and doing more by yourself. There is so much you can do being assisted by a PRO. Try finding and hiring a PRO remotely.

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$$ for Businesses and Service Providers is a local community finder tool for local businesses, service providers, experts and PROs in your area. As a local business listing app-based engine we will send customers your way.

If you are in the market providing a professional service, running a business or simply offering shopping assistance or delivery services? Arts, hobbies, an electrician, computer gigs, private lessons, academic tutoring, languages, music, etc. This app is for you!!! Download the app and register as a local service provider. Get customers in your proximity with convenience and ease. The most important argument for you is - On MyArea app you don't waste your time on the phone chatting with potential customers. You earn money chatting, on audio or on video calls. Just set-up your "Cost-Per-Minute" for Chat and Calls. And make sure you pick up the phone when you receive an Incoming MyArea Call.

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Hiring the right service provider can be challenging, that’s why we've built an app, MyArea is an app-based service provider finder; it lists all PROs and businesses around you. Find a Guy-With-a-Truck in your area and send him a message. Need a job done? Take a couple of pictures or a video of the project and open a Task / Help Request. Professionals that match your project by keywords, category and proximity will be notified and asked to quote your job. Instant messages, exchange pictures, send videos, chat, audio, video calls, all in-myarea-app. Professionals in high-demand will most likely set-up a higher cost-per-minute. It is up-to-you to decide if their time is worth-the-cost. An expert's advise is always a big saving in long run. You can find local PROs on other platforms, but myarea app is the place to find highly skilled, top rated service professionals, experts in their areas, who value their time and who will normally be worth a few-cents or a few-dollars a minute.

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Registration is FREE. Rentals and Experiences can be listed for FREE. View all Plans and Prices. The app will assist local business owners in getting customers in their proximity with convenience and ease, using google adwords, instagram and youtube advertising. You tend to gain more money and get more jobs done by just being online on the map on myarea app, answering chat and calls. Set-Up your per-minute cost for chat and calls and start receiving paid calls. There is a 10% commission when you withdraw funds. That means you keep 90% of your earnings.

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Registered MyArea Experts and PROs are not from the other side of the globe. They are real people in your area. Real service professionals doing real jobs and projects in your city. To register, a Service Professional is required to share his/her location and can be in one single location at-a-time. One single Freelancer Profile allowed per account. MyArea app is about real workers, real PROs who know your area and will get your job done.

MyArea has dual meaning. 1. Look around, see who's out there in your area. 2. My Area of Expertise. Our mission is to help you find the right person with the right skills, in your area, close to you, to get the job done with minimal effort.

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