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The Atheist's Ally shows you how to debate religious fundamentalists, also known as Bible Punchers. Bible Punchers use the Bible to impose their beliefs on others.Many people, however, are atheists and do not believe in God, Gods or other supernatural entities and lack sufficient knowledge of the Bible to effectively debate Bible Punchers.Instead of dismissing Bible Punchers, you can now beat them at their own game. No need to read or carry the Bible with you. The Atheist's Ally provides the means to debate and defeat every fundamentalist you may encounter. The hard yards have been done for you.Features: ✓ Bible contradictions ✓ Scriptural errors✓ Bible absurdities✓ Bible prophecies - are they true?✓ Quiz - will challenge existing ideas ✓ Save interesting points in Favourites ✓ Perfect for atheists or anyone interested in the bibleDownload The Atheist's Ally now and equip yourself with the tools to fight back.

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