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Stolen Cars NZ


Stolen Cars NZ allows you to check vehicle registration plates against the New Zealand Police Database for Stolen vehicles. The application will immediately tell you if a vehicle is reported stolen or not stolen - handy when you're inspecting cars on the street or off TradeMe.Using this app is also more discreet and polite than requesting paperwork or offending a seller.Please call the police rather than putting yourself in a confrontational situation. Vehicles recorded on database:- Motorcycles- Mopeds- Caravans- Trailers- Cars (All Types)- Light Buses- Vans- Mobile HomesIf you know the location of a stolen vehicle, please contact your nearest police station.If you would like to report a stolen vehicle or have enquiries about the database information, please contact the NZ Police (http://www.police.govt.nz/contact-us).If would like to provide feedback about this app, please feel free to email us at [email protected] NOTE: This app sources data from the Police, if your vehicle has been stolen recently, it may take some time to be registered in the stolen database. Please use this app as a guide rather than rule, and NEVER confront someone about a stolen vehicle - call 111 instead.

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