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The mobile and reliable babysitter on your smartphone.With this version we offer you the NannyPhone PRO Upgrade as an In-App Purchase. The next generation of reliable and simple-to-use baby monitoring. Upgrade to NannyPhone PRO and benefit from the following additional features: - Listen to your baby anytime and anywhere (Call-Me-Back-Feature)- Internet communication (3G or WiFi) with more frequent updates without SMS- Save on SMS costs and still receive frequent status updatesReviewsJust what you need Great app! Allowed my wife and me several times to go out for a drink or dinner around the corner after our soon feel asleep. Especially valuable during our holidays :-)(Gregor Jakob, 8/29/2014)Just works - This is the best baby monitor app I've used so far. 100% reliable and it has exactly the features you need.(Marc Baumann, 10/4/2013)Freedom and peace of mind!With NannyPhone Baby Sound Monitor your child is safe without boundaries.All you need is your smartphone, the NannyPhone app and mobile coverage.As IT-Rockstars with kids we know the challenges parents face when traveling with children or visiting friends.Regular baby monitors and alarms have their limits in coverage and and are a hassle to carry along with you.We developed NannyPhone based on our experience as parents and use it ourselfs to monitor our kids.With the NannyPhone you can finally enjoy your time while your baby is sleeping - anywhere and without compromise.Your NannyPhone is easily set up and will reliably monitor your baby's sleep using the smartphones microphone.If the recorded volume reaches the configured sensitivity level, the Nanny will call you on the chosen phone number and you may hear for yourself what your child is up to.In case your baby sleeps like a log, NannyPhone will send you a text message (SMS) every 15 minutes to let you know that the monitoring is still working and everything is fine. The status SMS will also tell you the current battery level of the smartphone, so you don't have to worry that the phone runs out of juice.The notification intervall can be configured to your liking in the settings menu. Also you can choose not to receive the SMS at all.Features- Monitor your Baby with ease- 3G, all Networks- Unlimited coverage- Alert via SMS and Call- Status SMS including the battery status with adjustable update intervall- Adjustable microphone sensitivity using our new smart - The smart alternative to radio-based baby monitors, alarms and baby phones- Enable or disable SMS sending with your Babymonitor!Additional NannyPhone PRO features- Peer-to-Peer communication with a second compatible Android Device- Secure and comfortable pairing of the two phones using SMS with the pairing-Token- Instantly check the current status with the monitoring screen on the parent phone- Call-Me-Back Feature: Listen to your Baby anytime and anywhere- Internet-Connectivity: Receive more frequent updates without SMS using the 3G or WiFi connection- Battery-Status-Monitoring: Keep track of the battery status of the babyphone.NannyPhone is currently compatible with smartphones that have an Android version between 4.2 and 4.4.To fully benefit from all NannyPhone PRO features make sure:- You have two compatible Android devices- One device stays with your baby and the other as the selected parent device that you will carry with you- The latest version of NannyPhone is installed on both devices- You have internet connectivity (3G or WiFi)- Only the device that stays with the baby needs to have the PRO upgradeNote: To securely pair the two phones for the PRO modus, one initial text message (SMS) will always be sent.Check out this BabyMonitor to Monitor and control the sleep of your Baby or child with the NannyPhone Sound Baby-Monitor App !

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