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"Sam does silly things, and when you do silly things it feels good!” says Juliette, 4 years old.Sam is a mischievous and endearing little pig.He leads us into his comical world where poetry and dreams mingle...A secret world which only children still know...Sam dances, watches TV, borrows his mum’s jewellery and his dad's ties.When Sam takes a shower, he floods the bathroom; when he plays football, he breaks furniture, and when he decides to sulk ... he pouts all day!Always accompanied by his blanket and under the watchful eye of his parents, Sam likes to make us laugh at will at his richly emotional pursuits."The World of Sam" is:- A beautiful poetical moment of consisting of 20 scenes- A story written and illustrated by Sophie Jansem- Many interactions on each page: the reader can help Sam to empty his Mum’s bag, build a totem pole, pushing away his plate of spinach, take a shot with a ball...- Original music composed by Raphael Elig- A simple interface suitable for very young childrenThe product is available in 3 languages:English, French and RussianVideos, photos and information: Episode 2: "Sam is not afraid of anything" will be available soon.Author: Sophie JansemProduction: Avant-Goût Studios

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