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Now You Can Know:When to Act * When to Wait * How Best to Use Your TimeAll important events benefit from knowing when to act and when to wait. Use the Guide to choose when to apply for a job, schedule meetings or events, close a deal, sign a contract, launch a website, introduce products, start a promotion or ad campaign, or enter a personal or professional partnership.The Good Timing Guide calendar color codes each day according to the astrological indications for new starts, communication, negotiation, contracts and pr. In addition, the favorable and unfavorable times within each day are noted and color-coded. The daily calendar is generated for your chosen time zone. It will display the times based on your devices time zone setting, or you can select any other time zone from the menu. The monthly calendar, being based on our printed Good Timing Guide, is available only for Eastern and Pacific U.S. time zones. Whichever zone is closest to yours will be displayed.Good Timing Guide 2018 will work on both phones and tablets. On tablets, the display will be split, showing both the daily and monthly calendars. On smaller devices, double-tapping the display will switch views.The free app will display the current month and any day within the month. For long-range planning, additional months can be purchased. The full year costs $9.99, or you can buy individual months for $1.49 each or a quarter for $2.99.

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