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Cool Graduation Photo Frame


There is new Cool Graduation app in the Google Play Store and it is for FREE for all. Take a look into the app and you could browse all of the frames that is stored for you. Try take picture with them and slide to choose different frame wonderful of your liking. Cool Graduation Photo Frames allowed you to put your wonderful picture from the different design and pose and you can edit your pictures instantly with easy steps. Choose photo from gallery or take new photo with camera. Select your favorite designs to generate your Cool Graduation Photo Frames effects. There are plenty collection of Cool Graduation Photo Frames design and styles for you to choose.Features of Cool Graduation Photo Frames :* 30 fantastic Cool Graduation Photo Frames images.* Take a picture with photo frame from Instant Camera or choose from gallery.* Capture picture with both front and back camera of your device.* Choose your favorite frame and see the photo image effects.* Adjust photos precisely to fit your face in hole perfectly.* Zoom in & out, rotate and move your image to fix it in the right place.* Save your photo effects to your phones or share via social network app easily.Try this free Cool Graduation Photo Frames app and see yourself in style instantly.

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