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Know Yourself Personality Test


IMPORTANT NOTE: A new and improved version of this app has been released. To find, look in this store listing under More by Excel At Life and download Know Yourself Personality Plus instead of Know Yourself Personality Test.Why?Know Yourself Personality Plus:completely new designnew tests including Cognitive Styles Test and Your Happiness Assessmenteasier method to share and compare test resultscan be accessed from all your Android devicesLEARN ABOUT YOURSELF & FRIENDS!Test yourself and your friends to compare test results. The results are meant as a guide to help you improve your life and your relationships.How Compatible Is Your Relationship?**Both you and your friend can take the tests and obtain compatibility info when you compare your results.PURPOSE: To help discuss and analyze relationships.Do You Really Know Yourself?**Have a friend take a test about you and compare results.CAUTION: Be prepared to learn things you might not want to know.How Do You Compare to Friends?**Compare your results to friends who take the tests on the same device or input their final test scores into your device.**Post test results on Facebook.What Is Your Ideal Self?**Compare your results with your ideal results to see where you want to make changes.This app is based upon research in personality psychology and sponsored by a clinical psychologist. It is meant for self-help and personality assessment for personal improvement and determining relationship compatibility issues. This app includes 30 tests covering 88 personality characteristics:Personality analysisFor self knowledge--your personal psychologyFor self-improvement/self-helpFor love and dating compatibility--find out issues that could cause problems in your relationshipFor understanding friendships, relationships--quiz othersExamine self-esteem, work ethic, mental health and much moreBased upon psychological research*Links to CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) self-improvement articles and other questionnaires at ExcelAtLife.comSome of the Tests Included:Comprehensive Personality Test -- 45 traitsHow Social Are You?**Are You A Leader?**How Happy Are You?**Are You Conscientious?**Perfectionist or Efficient?**How Rational Are You?**How Insightful Are You?**How Creative Are You?**How Romantic Are You?**Do You Have Anxiety?**Do You Have Depression?Your Work StyleHow Optimistic Are You?**What Is Your Self-Concept?**Do You Forgive Easily?**Do You Have Anger Problems?**Self-Control Problems?**How Persistent Are You?**Do You Have Fear Avoidance?**Do You Live Life Fully?**How Stressed Are You?**Are You Ambitious?**How Do You Handle A Crisis?How Mature Are You?This app is sponsored by a psychologist trained in clinical psychology specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Keep in mind that research-based personality tests may be repetitive, obvious, and even boring to take (especially the longer ones). The purpose is to help you honestly assess yourself and give guidance.New Tests Will Be Added On Updates. Test results are saved and can be password protected.

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