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Have you ever wanted to live the fantasy life of a phoenix, battle with fierce enemies as you raise a family and conquer the fantasy world? Now you can become the ultimate phoenix bird in a simulator unlike any other – Phoenix Sim 3D! Embody the magic phoenix as you hunt and fly across a massive 3D world. Upgrade and customize your phoenix, and take on other enemies including humans, skeletons, and demons.PHOENIX SIM FEATURES:SIMULATION GAMEPLAY- Adventure in a fantasy simulation and fight your enemies to become more powerful- Simulator challenges you to maintain health and energy by eating and drinking, just like a real phoenix would do, right?- Legendary phoenix never dies. Experience the process of restoration of the ultimate bird- Use the power of flame and fire to strike fear into your enemiesRAISE A FAMILY- Start your family of phoenix birds. Care for your little birds until they grow into fierce fighters- Every member of the family is like a whole new character, which you can customize and even playPHOENIX CUSTOMIZATION- Phoenix data can be customized like never before. Name your phoenix, select your gender, color, and even resize individual body parts- Personalize your phoenix with colours of the flameRPG GAMING EXPERIENCE- Fighting your enemies will grant you experience to level-up your phoenix- Phoenix stats including Power, Speed and Health will make you the ultimate bird- Fight new dangerous bossesCLOUD SAVING- Registering an account enables you to back up your characters on the Cloud so you never lose your progress- Experience the continious gameplay as all your characters are also available on all of your devicesADVENTURE IN A MASSIVE 3D WORLD- Survival skills are crucial in this massive world- Discover 4 islands, each with its own atmosphere- Enemies, partners and 5 dens await you in the dangerous world3D WORLD MAP- Our fantasy simulation is so huge that it demands a whole new type of 3D map. Zoom in and out, rotate and way you want, and even use the compass- Set markers to easily navigate the worldWEATHER SIMULATION SYSTEM- The simulator features an accurate, highly advanced weather system including various levels of rainfall and thunderPHOENIX FACTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS- Unlock achievements by hunting specific enemies - Discover amazing facts about the phoenixAdditional game features- 20 enemies to hunt- An in-game menu provides you with information on all the enemies you’ll be fighting- Rotatable camera allows you to zoom in and out- In-depth quest system with 20 missions to complete- A lot of settings: left/right handed, static/dynamic joypad, button/joypad sizes, floating text optionsMINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:1GB RAM or higherBecome the ultimate phoenix bird, level-up and raise a family in Phoenix Sim, the uncompromising fantasy survival game that gives you a chance to be legendary phoenix!Download Phoenix Sim 3D and embrace the fantasy life today!Follow us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us in Vkontakte: fun playing Phoenix Sim!If you have any suggestions or ideas for the game - contact us please:[email protected] are getting happier with each of your email message.Please note, that we are no way affiliated with any other animal simulator games developed by other game companies.Thanks!

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