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Metaloid RG reload


Metaloid RG mix furious shooting action with strategic view - are you ready for the challenge ?Help Erika chans and her Metaloid resistance army in their battle against the threat of Lucias robot army! Become a "Reactor Guardian" , choose up to five "furry - Cyborg" characters and try to defend the last source of power for the Resistance!! Prevent the reactors destruction! by the hand of mad man LuciasThe game take inspiration from the iconic game from NES era focus on jump-and-shoot mechanic.You must annihilate hordes of foes but also collect energy capsule to restore reactor power.Each time you manage to survive at an enemy wave you will earn credit as reward. You can spend your credits to unlock new weapons character and other equipment. Really important thing are the "defensive towers" some special item you can place in any position , those towers will attack as second character, a wise use will change the trend! Five different levels each one with different environment and foes plus a scoreboard system, will keep you in challenge for long time! Now just Let's Rock !- Challenging and Addictive- 5 different characters with different power and weapons such as Mega Cannon.- 24 different weapons- New Helper turret System allow more tactics- 18 Type of enemy with unique ability- Support game center for score board

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