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Welcome to the Secure Quick Reliable Login client.This client will store your encrypted keys securely on this device. Then you may open your vault and use one of the keys to authenticate yourself to a server.In this data, their is no connection to any personal information it just verifies that the same phone that authenticated last time is the same even this time. This makes it possible to create a unique anonymous login on your favorite sites, and you decide how much data you share with the site.Just to be clear this application will not hide any identifiers that your phone may provide but it will not provide any extra data.You start the process by scanning a secret key generated by the desktop client supplied from and open it with your password. When your key is loaded you're then able to authenticate by scanning QR Codes supplied by sites, verifying the address and choosing to log in.Observe that permission to use the camera needs to be supplied in order to scan exported secretsor site QR Codes.To follow this project on GitHub you can visit\n

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