All in 1 Search

All in 1 Search is extactly what it says

All in 1 Search

All in 1 Search is extactly what it says. It allows you to do a web search with a wide range of search engines. Save time and data by not having to visit sites everytime to search. Instead land directly on the results page. Has a list of search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, Bing and Shopping sites like eBay and Amazon. Don't feel satisfied? Add your own search engines. Or suggest us.Features:★ Type keywords and tap the search engine to get results directly.★ Reorder and customize your list.★ Add your own search engines or choose from the available.★ Browse results on your favorite apps or within this app.★ Save time and data by searching quick.★ Add and customize widget to homescreen to access quickly.★ Select any text and search it directly (on Marshmallow+ devices).★ No banner ads or full screen ads to interrupt your searching.The search engine and website names are Trademarks of the respective owners.