Anime Radio

Best anime music stations collected in one place

Anime Radio

Best anime music stations collected in one place. You can now listen to anime music anywhere and anytime.If you know any anime station that want to add, we provide "Add station" function for you. Of course, you can also send us email and we can add it to the collection.You can mark your favorite stations to put them on top of the channel list. We provide sort by popularity and sort by name options as well.Song title will be shown if available. To stop listening, simple press the square grey button on the top-right side of the app. You can also stop listening from notification bar.To report invalid stations, long-press the radio and send email to us. We will check it.Current collected anime music radio:AnimeAMAZEAnimeNfo RadioJapan-A-RadioKawaii RadioAnime NexusArmitage's DimensionMC RadioRadio NamiYggdrasil RadioRadio-AnimeJapan RadioOtaku no RadioJapanimradioR/a/dioGhost Anime RadioAnime Classics Radio 1Anime ObsesionRadioVocaloidAnime-Radio.netRadioAnimatiVocaloid.FMRádio AniMiXAnison.FMExtreme Anime RadioRadio RakuenShinsen RadioAnime Layer RadioFinal Fantasy RadioRadio Forever AnimeRadio Otaku's DreamAnime Web RadioSubarashii Radio MangaTsumugi RadioJapan jpop jrock animeAnime-ThaiRadio AnimeIDBaKaRadio Anime Radio Online 24 HRAnimeFMPhate RadioAnime Classics Radio 2Anime Radio TenshiRadia AnimeAnime Classics Radio MOEDDAnimesMundo AnimeYume Anime RadioUR-Radio UR AnimeAnimegaTouhou RadioAnime SymphonyOtakus Cristianos RadioAniterasu RadioRadio ReactorFan World Anime RadioRadio Openings AnimesPower 945Blaze No RadioNyanServer RadioKamehouse stationTokusatsu Radio3.0Anime Radio UKOtaku RadioRadio Animes ZNakamas Radio StationAnime Today[F-A]Radio-AnimesAnime Extremo.netAnime GoldOtaku's RadioFEAR RadioAnime RadionetAnime StereoAnimecol LiveAnime-DESUstationAnimes StationAnimetaku StereoClan AnimeInitial D World Radio BroadcastMy Anime WorldRadio Anime 24Radio Anime Akira StationRadio Anime MXRadio Animex(musicaanimeymuchomas)Radio Geek OtakuRadio Ramen AnimeRadioanime.comTodo AnimesWiCkEd Anime RadioThe Sanitarium FMHana FMManganime RadioOtakudesho RadioRadio Toku MixAnime3000Ongaku RadioAnime Radio ExpAnime Fandom RadioAnime Radio xD