Hair Clipper Prank

Now you can turn your phone in on your smartphone / tablet

Hair Clipper Prank

Now you can turn your phone in on your smartphone / tablet.There are so many prank apps but this is one of the most realistic apps for jokes, perfect for entertainment and make some fun things by simulating hair trimmer, clippers, shaver, razors in reality.This will be a really funny game, extremely interesting entertainment:- Your phone will vibrate continuously emits sound and hair cutting machine feels like you are holding a real hair clipper.- Enabling application and tease your friends, to near to their hair and create funny moments!✴️ FEATURES ✴️🍀 Totally FREE🍀 Impressive vibration to imitate a razor or razer🍀 Real sounds which can change while moving your phone near the hands / foots / head / neck of other people🍀 Using proximity sensor to help mobile users to feel more realistic like haircuts in real life by hair clipper prank✴️ HOW TO USE ✴️🍀 Open this prank app and start using simulated trimmer to cut hair or haircut🍀 Turn on hair clipper or razor by touching on it. It begins vibrating and making noise. If it doesn't sound , you should turn up volume of the phone.🍀 Put mobile screen near the victim’s head and the app sound can change, creating the feeling that you really cut hair🍀 To stop the hair clipper / razor / trimmer / shaver, you just touch button off and the haircut will stop. The button image “On-Off” will change to show that it stops.🍀 Whenever you wanna have fun or have interesting moment with your friends / your loved ones , you can play a prank by this app, Real Razor Prank - Hair Trimmer Prank will bring to all of you lots of fun and special experiences by your newest phone feature: cutting hair.--- This prank app may create the illusion that you might get bald by hair cut ---Let’s start to turn your phone into a hair clipper, hair trimmer, shaver and have fun!!We will update the application regularly to improve mobile using experience as soon as possible.Note: This is an simulation application that is a prank on the phone. Using applications for a long time may affect device hardware.If you feel this app interesting and you want to have more prank app to have fun with your friends, just use this app regularly and rate 5 stars for us. This action will help us a lot to provide you more free interesting prank apps