Ambient Echo

Turn your round sound to the echo

Ambient Echo

Turn your round sound to the echo.[Atmosphere changes with subtle mode]Such as table tennis mode, watermill mode, massage mode, etc..., you can enjoy a different atmosphere.Headphones, etc. (Bluetooth is also available) is required.If you have an older OS than Android OS 4, you may need external microphone."Meaning" you will not hear from the original sound by overlapping sound in the echo.It is also effective in shutting out annoying conversations.[Setting Adjustment]Interval, feedback, mic gain can be adjusted.[Sound Quality Adjustment Equalizer]Using the Equalizer, you can increase / decrease the high-low frequency of the sound.[Save / Load Settings]Save your favorite setting, and you can load at any time.[Export to Twitter]You can export your Settings to Twitter, as other users can share that.[Load the setting from Twitter]You can load the settings that users of this app export.(Using the OAuth function in order to take advantage of Twitter.)[Automatic stop when an incoming call]This app can properly stop when an incoming call, accept state of the telephone.※ ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ ※Depending on your device model, you might sound cracking occurs.If cracking sound is significant, please try the Echo Surrounding.※ ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ ※