CryptoInvest is a crypto currency investment platform, where we are dedicated to provide unmatched return to our investors.We achieve these returns by trading in LVCs (Low Value Coins) which has a very high probability of appreciation in the shortest period of time hence minimizing the loss probability to minimum. We absolutely donot touch any stable coins or coins having price value at or above $5 as the movement is very much restricted in it and the expected returns can’t be furnished in the stipulated time period. Our returns start from 40% to 80% depending on the selection of available plans. As we don’t trade on the stable coins hence the payouts are not BTC price depended. As for now we have a solid count of 1500+ Investors which involves both online & offline investors. The average monthly cumulative payouts as per March,2018 has been clocked at $30Mil +. We have an active one layered refrell system ranging from 5% to 15% depending upon the achievements. Till date we have been communicating with our investors through platforms like Facebook & Telegram but as the growth has been outstanding hence we decided to go on a much organized platform. Though we are not against of using any trading bots but we donot use any of the trading bots as we think the human reaction time is still far more advanced than a bot. In the current version we shall be putting our regular plan Live and investors can purchase the regular plans only from the application. Current Features: 1. Purchase of Regular Plan. 2. Check Live price of different Cyrptos.3. Keep a track of their payouts. 4. Communicate with us using the support system. The application shall be continuously on a development scale and launching different features on regular interval of time.In the next version we shall be inducting all the investors along with all the available plans.

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