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Fatty Liver Diet Healthy Foods & Hepatic Steatosis


Fatty Liver Diet & Health Tips is a Free App for android mobile devices that provides all diet tips and help information about fatty liver or hepatic steatosis. The liver is one of the largest organ in the body. The liver commonly repairs itself by rebuilding new liver cells when the old ones are damaged. When there’s repeated damage to the liver, permanent scarring occurs. Fatty liver, or hepatic steatosis, is a term that describes the buildup of fat in the liver. Fatty liver has become a common health problem.Fatty liver typically has no associated symptoms but You may experience * fatigue* abdominal discomfort* swelling in abdomenExcess fat can cause liver inflammation. If your liver becomes inflamed, you may have a poor appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain, weakness, and confusion.The most common known cause of fatty liver is alcoholism and heavy drinking.other common causes of fatty liver include:•obesity•hyperlipidemia, or high levels of fats in the blood•diabetes•heredity•rapid weight loss•certain medications, including aspirin, steroids etcProper diet management and following recommendations may help you cope with the situation:-•limiting or avoiding alcoholic beverages•managing your cholesterol•losing weight•controlling your blood sugar

Pashupatinath Paper Convertor, Ghāziābād, India
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