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Battleship Iowa App


You will never look at the Navy the same way. The USS Iowa App will change how you experience this battleship museum. Hear the fascinating stories behind the ship and its crew through video, custom audio tours and cutting-edge augmented reality. Content Overviews: It is impossible to learn the many stages of service this ship has gone through on a sign label. Deep dive to your heart’s content about any part of the ship that intrigues you with the App. Find out about the ship’s service, life of the crew, fun facts, and even watch videos. Experience and enjoy content that isn’t available anywhere else in the museum. Keep enjoying the USS Iowa from the comfort of your home: While visiting the museum, use the “favorite” function to save the items you want to explore further later. With hours and hours of content, you will always have something new and exciting to learn.An Adventure: Ready to experience magic? As you walk through the ship the app will automatically know where you are. When you approach a different area, the content related to that area will automatically pop up. The ship comes to life as you discover what fascinates you most.Deals and Discounts: Receive discounts and coupons for food and merchandise just by downloading the app. Augmented Reality: The ship will come to life with augmented reality. You will no longer have to hear that you “had to be there” to see the USS Iowa in action. Behind the Scenes Videos: Ever wonder what the VIP Tours are like for million dollar donors? The USS Iowa app gives everyone behind the scenes access and tells the amazing stories very few have been fortunate enough to hear.Family Fun: the USS IOWA app offers custom tours for kids featuring Vickie, Mascot First Class, treasure hunts and fun games.Multi-Language Experience: With the click of a button transform the whole experience to your native tongue.Stay In Touch: Want to know about events in the future or hear what is going on at the museum? The app will send you exciting articles created by staff and alert you when fun events are happening.

4685 Convoy St, San Diego, CA, USA
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