Saskatchewan Radio Stations


With the Saskatchewan Radio Stations you can listen to AM, FM and WEB radios from Saskatchewan, wherever you want.You can make a favorite list or search by station name or city to find your preferred radio station.Listen to your preferred sport, like ice hockey, lacrosse, football, basketball, baseball, rugby or soccer. Follow your preferred team by listening games from Saskatchewan Roughriders, Regina Pats, Regina Capitals, Regina Red Sox, Pilot Butte Storm, Moose Jaw Miller Express, Saskatoon Wild Oats RFC and others.Tens of Saskatchewan radio stations, including:KindersleyCFYM 1210 AMCJYM 1330 AMLa RongeCJLR MBC 104.1 FMMelfortCJVR 100.3 FMCKJH 750 AMMoose JawCHAB 800 AMNipawinCJNE The Storm 94.7 FMReginaCanada - Première CBKF 97.7 FMCBC - Radio One 540 AM-102.5 FMCBC Radio One 540 AMCFWF The Wolf 104.9 FMCHMX My 92.1 FMCIJL Z 99 FMCIZL Z99 98.9 FMCJME News Talk 980 AMCJTR 91.3 FMCKCK Jack 94.5 FMCKRM 620 AMSaskatoonCBC - Radio One 540 AM-94.1 FMCFCR 90.5 FMCFMC C95 95.1 FMCFWD Cruz 96.3 FMCJMK Cool 98 FMCJWW 600 AMCKOM 650 AMSwift CurrentCIMG Eagle 94.1 FMCKFI Magic 97.1 FMCKSW 570 AMYorktonCFGW 104.1 FMCJGX GX94 940 AMCJJC The Rock 98.5 FM

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