Aplicația de viteză precisă - Speedometer app


Most accurate 100% digital HUD GPS speedometer app for your Car, Bike, Bus, Van, Jeep, Bicycle, truck, Air Plane, drone, chair lift, Motorboat, Skiing and walking or running. Measure in five different scales km/h, mph, mps, Knots, ft/s. No matter you are driving reverse or forward just get most accurate speed in your desired scale based on your device GPS sensor. Features:1) Accurate Speedometer app:a) Best tool for your smart phone and tablet to measure your journey trip in five different scales with high accuracy real time instant speed view.b) Light and fast speedometer app for power saver battery with instant speed view tracker.c) No matter you are in a public transport, Metro bus or train, just get the exact speed.d) Get record the highest speed of your journey trip.e) Tap to get your desired app skin and digital or simple speed meter view.2) Alarm:a) Just get enable and save your required speed limit for notification alarm.b) Enable / Disable Alarm.c) Best safety tool while traveling for speed limit camera detection alarm set.Uses:1) Best set where car odometer in mph or km/h . Just set your desired one and avail the speed limit safety.2) Get your speed in 5 different scales with instant run time speed watcher.3) Best for walking, running, riding, boating, biking, driving, flying, skiing, skating, swimming and jogging to get your instant real speed.4) Check to know if your vehicle odometer works accurate. Real time instant exact accurate digital HUD GPS speedometer app for your smart phone and tablet..This speedometer app is free and use device GPS sensor with satellite to monitor automobiles or any other moving objects speed. Best speed view app for your vehicle in digital meter and looks same as sync to your car odometer. Now your car has speed in speedometer km/h and speedometer mph. use for walking speedometers tachometer digital and for speedo swim in kmph speed measure digital.Use in Car HUD GPS Speedometer Head UP Display doby digital for kmph speed check mph, mps, knots, fts.Disclaimer :First make sure your smart phone GPS location sensor hardware works good and haven't any issue with satellite connection.Safety Tips:While driving place your phone in holder or any stand to make get speed View at a glance. Use Best way to get speed with HUD display. Also set alarm speed to avoid over speeding.This is a free app and doesn't require any internet connection. Enjoy Free Accurate Digital HUD GPS car Speedometer app.

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