The Sculptor


TAP TAP TAP TAP! That is all you need to do! [Warning: This is a CLICKER GAME, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TAP THE SCREEN!]Be a sculptor! Test yourself and see if you have the incredible patience that creating true art requires! Tap the screen several thousand times to reveal the art underneath the marble slabs! No creative input needed! Are you patient enough to master this task? What some people have said about The Sculptor:"The dumbest game I've ever played! But I can't stop playing!" - Some guy"GAHHHH!" - Some other guy"I CAN'T STOP TAPPING!" - Some other other guy- Super crisp hi-res graphics!- Over 250.000 sculptors around the world are testing their patience already! Will you join them and prove yourself better than them all?- No creative input required! At all! - Original recordings with music from Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday and Enrico Caruso!- We take no responsible if you end up with agonizing tendonitis!* Note to players in the comments *The first level will indeed result in an amateur-looking sculpture, hence the level name! The other levels have models with considerably more professional looking models. This is part of the concept of the game!

0340 Oslo
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