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Car Brands Quiz


Car Brands challenge you to recognize the logo of car manufacturers from all over the world, active or ceased.There are 20 levels organized by brand popularity. More popular brands are listed first so that difficulty increases on higher levels. While playing the game one can use info button to trade quiz credits for hints.There are quizzes for brand name, headquarter country and foundation year. Year quiz is more difficult and earns eight times more credits. Quizzes are organized by levels with increasing difficulty, the same levels as for game. Take a quiz and earn credits. Use quiz credits to trade game hints.There is a kids mode with simplified game and user interface. In kids mode quiz is not included. Kids mode uses the same levels as expert game. Game progress is kept separately for kids and full mode so that is possible to switch between modes. Enable kids mode from application settings.From main page you can open catalog that lists informations about all brands. Catalog is organized on the same levels as game. Current level is updated when play game but there is the option to select any level. Use catalog to learn about not known brands. It avoid the need to search on Internet.Please support development effort. This application is completely free: free from ads, free from in-app payment and free from spyware. We need your help to sustain development. Rate and share this app! It is important for store rank so that this application to be easier found. Read No Ads Manifest and agree with it. There is also the option to not agree.

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