Songer Pro


The best Backing Track player available on Android? - Probably!This app started life as a small project for personal use as I couldn't findanother one that would do the job satisfactorily! It quickly turned into a labour of loveexpanding capabilities month by month, aided by public requests and individuals beta testing!Resulting in features such as:Auto pause as standard.Ease of use.Create unlimited set list variations.Re-order track positions even during playback.Ability to add and display scrolling lyrics.Search and insert tracks into currently selected set list.Create and play automated set lists with pre-set time betweentracks and insertable auto pause points.These features together with many more now make Songer a formidable choice for all entertainers requiring a stable, easy to usealternative to the industry minidisc/laptop yardstick!Download the fully functional (playback time restricted) Demo version here:

7 Hedgerow Court Greylees Avenue Hull HU6 7YH UK
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