If you care for your clothes properly and want to preserve their original appearance for a long time then you rather pay attention to the information of the labels. But labels interfere with your comfort and the clothing care information disappears eventually. In addition recommendations are not always clear.Are you familiar with these problems? Then our app is developed for you! It will not only help you to decipher these icons but also keep the information about care for every item in your wardrobe.- Allows you to create photo-card for each item with a convenient and colorful description how to care about it. If you also want to keep information of clothing composition our app will help you too.- You can group your clothes by any category. It will help you to find any information quickly and easily.- Reference book about clothing care tokens is included too.- If it is necessary you can transfer all your cards from one device to another.

Tankista Hrustickogo 102/13 198217, St. Petersburg, Russia
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