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Learning language for TED


TED Talks with subtitles - Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, English and multilingual subtitles!You can search and view the TED Talks videos by language and watch them with English and multilingual integrated subtitles through MePlayer Movie - Android.Watch the TED Talks translated into 88 languages around the world with subtitles.Miplex Movie during video playback - Use the various learning features for Android to view English, Korean-English subtitles, find dictionaries, learn AI iterations, and more.Please be sure to install MePlayer Movie - for Android or MePlayer Movie Pro - Android together.Key functions1. You can see TED Talks in each language. 2. Download favorite and Talk videos 3. At the same time, simultaneous English / Korean subtitles are supported for video playback via MePlayer Movie - Android or MePlayer Movie Pro - Android.4. MePlayer Movie - A variety of convenient learning features for Android are available.5. When playing video, let me know whether streaming or downloaded.6. Quick search support* MePlayer Movie (or MePlayer Movie Pro) must be installed. Otherwise, it will play as your phone's default movie player.* MePlayer Movie Pro (paid version) - Install for Android and all ads will be lost when you play with TED Me.Questions Q. Subtitles are not available. Why is that?A. MePlayer Movie - Must be played for Android. You won't get subtitles when you play with another app. Some Talks do not have subtitles registered with the server. In this case, no subtitles are displayed. Watch another video.It is hard to improve English just by learning words. Repeating simple conversation sentences does not increase English.If you are studying English conversation, or if you are preparing for the TOEIC TOEFL, study the high-level English of celebrities in various fields with TED Me. Not only does it provide simple script, it can be found simultaneously in English, Korean, and it is possible to check unfamiliar words directly through Internet dictionary, and it is also effective in speaking and listening.※ Login is not required when launching the app and no personal information is sent to the server. ※ App access authority information1. Save (Required) Download Ted Talks and save the subtitles to a file.Notice : This App is NOT a TED's official app. All TED Talks are sourced from .

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