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Backup for Flickr


Have you ever wished that you could back up your photos without needing to plug your device into another computer? Don't want a huge photo app when all you want to do is just back up your photos?Are you unsure whether you've already backed up some photos, and don't want to deal with having duplicates?Maybe you should try Backup for Flickr™.Features:* Perform backups on demand, with no fuss, at the touch of a button. All photos on your device's internal and external storage are automatically discovered and queued for backup.* Don't worry about privacy settings - all photos are stored as private so only you can see them.* Don't worry about duplicates - Backup for Flickr detects and skips them, locally and remotely.* Optionally pick or create an album to hold your photos for easy organization and sharing later on* I don't have a Flickr account. What should I do?You can get a free account, with 1 TB of storage (yes, 1000 actual gigabytes, for free) and unlimited monthly bandwidth at* I don't want to get a Flickr account, though.OK, but, 1 TB free storage. Think about it.* Wait, don't I have to pay to upload? I thought I heard something about that.The short answer is "no". But, if you're still curious, you can read more about it from Flickr staff here:* Why do you have these permissions? Are you trying to destroy my life?No, take it easy. Read about the permissions below.* Are my photos resized before they're backed up?No. I wouldn't do that to you. The original, full-quality files are uploaded as-is during the backup process.* Something isn't working right. How do I get in touch with you?Hit me up at* INTERNET: for access to Flickr* WAKE_LOCK: A partial wakelock is used so that uploads aren't interrupted when you turn your screen off. It is used only when an upload is occurring. For any other time that the program is running, the wakelock is released.* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: for getting photos from external storageFlickr is a trademark of Yahoo Inc.

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