Blues Guitar Method


The best method to learn the Blues with your guitar ! 4 styles, 4 guitars : - Basics : Guitar Epiphone Es339 - Delta Blues : Guitar Tanglewood Heritage acoustic - Texas Blues : Guitar Fender Strat Eric Johnson - Chicago Blues : Guitar Epiphone Es399 - Modern Blues : Guitar PRS Tremonti Us - Pentatonic licks & tricks- Eric Clapton, SRV, BB King, and Robert Johnson style...- 110 Videos HD (230mo): Slow down, Zoom - 55 progressive lessons, simple, clear with good advice from your teacher - 55 Graphics and tabs in full screen: maximum understanding - Bottleneck and open tuning in Delta Blues - High-speed progression and results. Become a good and versatile blues guitarist. - Your teacher: Franck Graziano: professional guitarist (Guitar Part magazine, Guitar Pro), graduate teacher of State. - Download all videos in 5min (Wifi) or one after the other. - Works perfectly on Tab & Smartphone

591 route du sablonnet 38630 Les Avenières
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