Anyplace Indoor Service


People spend 80-90% of their time in indoor environments such as offices, undergrounds, shopping malls and airports. On the other hand, the uptake of interesting applications in indoor spaces (e.g., navigation, inventory management and elderly support) has so far been hampered by the lack of technologies that can provide indoor location (position) accurately, in real-time, in an energy-efficient manner and without expensive additional hardware.Anyplace is a first-of-a-kind GPS-less localization and navigation service working in indoor and outdoor space using ordinary smartphones. It has been developed by researchers and students at the Data Management Systems Laboratory (DMSL), Department of Computer Science and the KIOS Research Center, both at the University of Cyprus.Anyplace deploys a number of innovative concepts, including crowdsourcing, big-data management, energy-aware processing, multi-device optimization and mobile data management, in order to realize a power-efficient indoor localization and navigation technology that recently won several international research awards for its accuracy (less than 1.96 meters)!Our Web 2.0 Service allowing entities (users, companies, organizations, etc.) to map buildings for private or public use. Entities get a full scope of map management utilities contrary to major counterparts that acquire the data for public use only. Additionally, we seamlessly integrate GPS (for outdoor), WiFi and Sensory technology (for indoor) to realize a power-efficient localization and navigation technology that is extremely accurate.

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