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Aptitude and Logical reasoning test app can be very helpful to improve your Reasoning Score, IQ score .Logical Reasoning prepare for CAT ,RRB ,SSC , IBPS , CSAT , SBINo need Internet connection - Offline 100% This app support difference topic Logical Reasoning :+ Alphabet reasoning+ Alphabet series+ Alphabet test+ Analogy+ Antonyms+ Arithmetic signs+ Arithmetical reasoning+ Artificial language+ Blood relation+ Calendar+ Coding and decoding+ Decision making+ Essential part+ Find the odd+ Letter and symbol series+ Letter series+ Logical reasoning+ Logical sequence of words + Number sequence+ Number Series+ Odd letter group+ Odd man out+ Odd numeral+ Odd numeral pair/group+ Odd pair of words+ Odd word+ Ranking Quiz+ Sentence completion+ Sequence of words+ Series completion+ Situation reaction+ Verbal ability+ Verification of truth+ Word formation+ Brain training

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