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NOTE: This app can only be used with the Rover Revolution Wireless Spy Vehicle available exclusively at Brookstone stores and• 2 CamerasEquipped with a front facing driving camera and a rotating camera for recording (and sharing) videos and digital photos.• Night vision and Stealth ModeSee (and record) in the dark with no lights for stealthy operations. Built-in headlights and tail lights that can be turned on and off from your control device.• Communicate via 2-way audioListen to sound and transmit your own audio back through the built-in speaker. • Boldly go up to 200 feetTravel 200 feet in unobstructed places, or 100 feet around walls.• Steer by G-ForceUse your device’s accelerometer to make it like a steering wheel in your hand.• Indoor-OutdoorDrive indoors and out with rugged wheels made for tougher terrains.• Generates its own Wi-Fi wireless connection for your device• Rechargeable Battery

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