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Win XP Simulator


Click the "Yes" or "Ok" button to stop the simulation, you will be greeted with the Blue Screen of Death!"Feel as if you're using a Windows XP computer with this realistic simulator!" - MALGOWjkHow To Play:Opening Internet ExplorerSTEP 1: Click on the "Start Menu"STEP 2: Click on "Internet Explorer"STEP 3: Wait 20 Seconds for Internet Explorer to fully load upIMPORTANT*: Do not close the start menu during this process!STEP 4: Internet Explorer will have now opened, you can install your apps from hereSTEP 5: Done!Removing VirusesSTEP 1: Launch "Anti Virus" after installing it from Internet ExplorerSTEP 2: Wait 30 Seconds*STEP 3: The Anti Virus software will now display "Viruses Successfully Removed"STEP 4: Done!Using Bonzi BuddySTEP 1: Launch "Bonzi Buddy" after installing it from Internet ExplorerSTEP 2: Bonzi Buddy will begin with a short introduction of himselfSTEP 3: He will then tell a few (bad) jokesSTEP 4: Done!First Easter EggSTEP 1: Click and open the Start MenuSTEP 2: Click my profile image or name ten timesSTEP 3: The first easter egg will now beginSTEP 4: Done!

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