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MeetingRoomApp Cloud is a modern digital booking system designed for managing booking and conference rooms. Smart technology enables effective management and planning of company meetings, makes company processes simpler and helps to use company space in a better way.BOOK YOUR MEETING IN A SECONDYou can book a meeting directly on the touch screen panel at the meeting room door, on your mobile on your way to work or from your desktop computer. It takes just a tap or two. All information about current and upcoming appointments in the system are centralized and digitized.# Integration with other systems – Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365# Cloud or On-Premise solution# Very user friendly app environment and beautiful design# A number of great features, efficient and helpful for meeting organisation# Easy implementation and tailor-made integration # Meeting data analysis and processing in MeetingRoomApp Reporting # Very well secured # Trusted by many of companies in over many countriesMeetingRoomApp Cloud is running Android 4.4 and above.CLOUD MAIN FEATURESBasic Smart Features#Ad-hoc & calendar booking, mobile bookings#Daily agenda#Indicators: Green x Orange x Red#Cancelling events#Full screen mode#Screen saver# In sync with office systems - Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365Top Features#Confirmation button#Booking another meeting room#Scheduling meetings#Extending a meeting#PIN protection#Notifications#Remote settings#Cleaning, catering or issues with equipmentCONFIRMATION BUTTONConfirm your attendance at the meeting on the display of the meeting room device by pressing the Confirm button. If the attendance is not confirmed 15 minutes before the start or within 15 minutes after the meeting starts, the booking gets cancelled automatically and the room can be immediately booked.BOOKING ANOTHER MEETINGThis function allows you to book any room on the display of a meeting room device. Users can see all the meeting rooms in the company directly on the reservation device, and choose and book an available room suitable for their needs quickly and easily, using a ‘television panel’.PLANNING A MEETINGPlan your meeting directly on the device screen and book your room in advance. CLEANING, CATERING OR ISSUES WITH THE EQUIPMENTCall your office attendant for cleaning and catering in your meeting room or IT support. Order the service you want in just two clicks.EXTENDING A MEETINGAn ongoing meeting can be extended using the plus icon. If you need more time for your meeting, extend your booking in a second.PIN PROTECTIONAd hoc reservations can be secured in a special way. All it takes is to enter your PIN before you make the booking and start your meeting.FULLSCREEN MODEThis function allows you to see company events on the display of the meeting room device. Particularly useful for training rooms, the function turns the device into an information panel displaying basic information about the event currently held in the room.

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