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Victoriabank’s mobile app


You can:• Get full access to information for all cards and bank card accounts 24/7;• View the balance and history of card account transactions;• Lock and unlock your cards;• Close or reissue the bank card;• Make money transfers between your own card accounts;• Make money transfers between your bank cards and Visa bank cards issued by other banks in the country and around the world;• Establish and manage bank card transaction limits and other security settings for card and card accounts;• Make payments or transfers to service providers, such as mobile operators, Internet and cable TV providers and suppliers of utilities, including gas, water, etc;• View card account identification details;• Pay your bills through the cards of other banks;• Switch from one language to another during one and the same Mobile Banking session;• View the location of ATMs and bank branches on an interactive map;• Generate one-time passwords to confirm operations in Internet-banking;• Set "Quick Entry" using a 5-digit code.To access the original application you can use DA! Internet banking login and password you are subscribed to. You can subscribe to DA! Internet banking at https://wb.victoriabank.md or in the nearest Victoriabank ATM.

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