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Ask Jesus is an Android Application which allows to ask a question and get an inspirational quote from the Bible. You can also share quotes with you friends and spread The Word of Jesus via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, sms, e-mail and Bluetooth.In everyone's life there were moments when we felt sad, depressed, we wanted somebody to be near to comfort us and say something inspirational; to give us hope and make us stronger. We should not to forget that Jesus loves everyone and He is always with us.Now, with Ask Jesus you will receive answers to any of your questions and, in addition, you will receive a daily quote notification to inspire you in the morning, the evening, or whenever you prefer!Ask Jesus now! He can answer any question you have!With our application you can feel even more closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask a question about the problems which bother you and receive an answer as an inspirational quote from the Holy Bible. You can spread the word of Christ by sharing the quotes with friends via Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, sms, e-mail or Bluetooth.Sharing The Word of Jesus is easy. Just touch the screen or open the main menu, select the option "Share the Word of Jesus" and you will be able to send The Word of Christ and the Holy Bible to any of your friends and contacts in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other social app.Customizing the notification preferences for daily quotes is really easy too, just access the main menu and touch on "Notification Preferences". You will be able to change the time or just disable the daily quote.We have developed this application because we think that, nowadays, one of the best ways to spread the Holy Bible and The Word of Jesus Christ is social media, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and other media like Twitter, Telegram, Hangouts, and so on...Check our Google Play page for new updates and much, much more inspirational stuff, or help us improving it by sending any suggestions or petition to the support email. And don't forget to support this App by sharing the answers of Jesus in social media!Thank you!Application designed and developed by David Rodillo and Andres Perales.

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