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Love Scenario Full Song 2018 - ikon

iKON is a South Korean boy band formed in 2015 by YG Entertainment

Love Scenario Full Song 2018 - ikon

iKON is a South Korean boy band formed in 2015 by YG Entertainment. This group is the first time in the WIN event: Who is Next as "Team B." After that, Team B reappeared in a realistic survival Mix & Match event, which determined seven members of iKON: B.I, Bobby, Jay, Ju-ne, Song, DK and Chan.This application there are all the songs of the top Boyband singers iKON. Find your favorite iKON songs in this application which is very complete and easiest, of course, this music is made especially for you .With this application you can also make songs that you like as ringtones for incoming calls and alarms to wake you up so that it is not too late, then select the song you like, press and hold the song and the options will appearFeatures :- Easy music player- Applications Are Repeat, Shuffle,Stop- Look at the Most Complete Infinite Mp3 Songs- Can Be Made as Alarm Tones- Can be used as an Incoming Call Tone- Can be used as an Enter Message Tone- There are Dozens of Infinite SongsList Songs :LOVE SCENARIO,KILLING ME,BLING BLING -inst-,RHYTHM TA,MY TYPE,Dumb & Dumber,B-DAY,APOLOGY,#WYD -KR Ver.-,FREEDOM,Rubber Band,BEAUTIFUL,What's Wrong,AIRPLANE -KR-,CLIMAX,SINOSIJAK REMIX,I Miss You So Bad,LONG TIME NO SEE,JUST ANOTHER BOY,JUST GO,COCKTAIL,JERK,BEST FRIEND,PERFECT,ONE AND ONLY,DON’T FORGET,HUG ME,ONLY YOU,TODAY -KR-,JUST FOR YOU,WAIT FOR ME,M.U.P -KR-Etc.Downlaod Immediately the Complete iKON Mp3 Song Application so that you fans of K-POP iKON songs can listen to this song anywhere. Don't Forget to Always Give us Support by giving "RATE & COMMENT" so that our application can continue to grow and continue to renew our application if there is the latest song from iKON.