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Bible RSV (English)Bible Revised Standard Version (RSV), no Internet connection required.Bible RSV, Revised Standard Version (English)It contains multiple versions of all your favorite Bibles and in different languages, you can download the versions and use it without the need to be connected to the Internet.Characteristics:----------------------------✝ The Bible RSV, Revised Standard Version (English) by default.✝ Multiple versions of Bibles ✝ (BHTI Hispanoamericana Bible, New International Version Bible NIV, Amplified Bible (RVR60, RVR95, RVC), Version KJV King James Bible, and many more).✝ The day and night modes for reading✝ Adjust text size✝ Bookmark favorite verses✝ Mark favorite verses and add notes✝ No internet connection needed for operation (requires [Data Bible])✝ user friendly interface and quick access to books, chapters and verses.✝ Share with your brothers in faith their verses on social networks.✝ You can download version of the Bible you want and in the language that interests you, simply go to the menu and choose Manage Versions.✝ Advanced Search VERSESRevised Standard Version The Bible RSV, Revised Standard Version (English), the Word of God to everyone, no Internet connection required for operation.

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