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How To Build a Telemedicine App

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A survey conducted in 15 major cities in the U.S. showed that new patients need to wait 24 days to get an appointment with a physician. For this reason, one of three patients said they have gone to the emergency department to avoid delays and the inconvenience of visiting their physicians.

  • 82% of patients agreed that developing technologies should make the process of receiving healthcare as accessible as hailing a taxi or ordering food
  • 77% of them want to contact their physician via text messages
  • 69% of patients prefer virtual appointments with their physicians using a mobile device over offline visits.

Telemedicine mobile applications improve the lives of both patients and doctors - while patients receive medical treatment in the comfort of their homes, medical specialists can provide medical treatment more effectively, while getting paid for a consultation immediately.

Myarea Telemedicine App solutions are surpassingly bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers for both emergencies and run-of-the-mill checkups. This virtual technology is drastically reducing emergency visits, patient admissions and providing a remarkable aid to remote care management. Our telemedicine app feature High-definition video and crystal-clear audio enables you to enhance video visits and patient monitoring in remote and rural areas and is extremely useful in epidemic conditions.

Benefits of developing a telemedicine app

Flexibility. Using doctor-on-demand-mobile apps, medical professionals receive more control over their working hours as well as the ability to respond to emergencies more effectively. Extra revenue. Such mobile doctor apps allow medical specialists to generate additional revenue for after-hour care, as well as the ability to see more patients, compared to office face-to-face appointments. Increased productivity. Doctor-on-demand mobile apps are more accessible for patients to get to, which minimize wasted time due to traffic and other issues, thus improving the treatment outcome.

How does a doctor on-demand mobile app work?

Each telemedicine app has its working logic. To receive a consultation from a doctor, a patient logs-in to the system creates an account and describes their symptoms. Next, depending on the user’s health condition, the app searches for the most suitable medical specialist nearby. After finding a doctor, a patient can schedule a video call via the app using a built-in calendar or call immediately. During the video consultation, a doctor communicates with the patient, asks about health conditions, recommends treatment, assigns lab tests, and so on. When the video consultation ends, the patient's balance is modified according to the time spent on the call. Funds are immediatelly transferred into provider's account. Patient receives payment receipts, received in-app secured messages and media files with prescribed meds and doctor’s recommendations.

Essential Features of a Telemedicine Mobile App

  • 1. User sign-in. Secure Identification using HIPAA compliant secure authorization system.
  • 2. Search for a medical specialist. Search and Discovery are crucialy important. To make your app compliant with medical regulations, it needs to be integrated with a maps platform via third-party API, that determines the patient location and nearby pharmacies before a video consultation begins.
  • 3. Doctor Rates and Reviews. Patients can leave reviews and tell about the experience with the doctor.
  • 4. In-app messages. To allow patients and doctors to send secure messages within an app, exchange prescriptions, reports, and x-rays, etc.
  • 5. Video appointments. Video calls are an essential feature of any mobile telemedicine app. Video calls connect patients and doctors and enable live communication.

myarea telemedicine Mobile App

Features included:

  • Search Engine Search Engine. Find by keywords.
  • Browse Local Area Map Browse Local Area Map
  • 5 Star Rates & Review 5 Star Rates & Reviews
  • Find My Matches in proximity Find My Matches in proximity
  • Add Events, Beaming Signals on Map Add Events, Beaming Signals on Map
  • Sell Event Tickets Sell Event Tickets
  • Create Incidents and Help Requests Create Incidents and Help Requests
  • Video Calls from web and in-app Video Calls from web and in-app
  • Unlimited Private messages Unlimited Private messages
  • Pictures and Video messages Pictures and Video messages
  • Unlimited Public Group Chats Unlimited Public Group Chats
  • Unlimited Pay-Per-Minute Calls Unlimited Pay-Per-Minute Calls
  • Unlimited Pay-Per-Minute Chats Unlimited Pay-Per-Minute Chats
  • Booking as XApp extension Booking as XApp extension


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