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FunBO (Fun Basic Operations) is a very fun game on the one hand, and it allows you to learn or improve your level in mental calculation (multiplication and division), on the other.FunBO is distributed in 2 versions :- The first is paying, more difficult to play and contains nearly 300 levels.- The second (this one) is free, easier to play and contains nearly 400 levels.The ingenuity of this game is based on the modular arithmetic. The principle is quite simple. The game screen includes vertical bars of different sizes, each of them being evaluated with a number proportional to its size. Valorized balls descend continuously one by one from the top of the screen. Each ball is movable horizontally to the left or to the right so that it can be placed on the vertical of the bar with which we would like to put it. The challenge is to choose the convenient bar for each ball in a way that the sum of the value of the ball with the value of the bar will be divisible by a "Divisor" fixed at the beginning of each part. Such a good choice will imply an elimination or a decrease of the bar in question and an increase of the game score. The objective of each part is to reach a given score in a given time or with a given number of balls.Example: Let us fix for a given part: the "Divisor" to "4", the current values of the bars to "5, 17, 2, 19, 6", and the value of the currently descending ball to "1". In this case, it would be smart to move the descending ball towards the bar with value "19", because the values of the ball and of the bar would sum to a divisor of "4" (i.e. 1 + 19 = 20 and 20 divides 4).Tips :- Simply slide your finger approximately in the middle of the screen to move the ball. - Touch the screen "around the middle" to instantly bring the ball down.- Touch the fixed divisor to display its multiplication table.- Try to make successive gains to further increase the score.- Think about using the already earned rewards in case of difficulties.

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