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★★ ELEMENTIQUE SENIOR – Tablets and Smartphones become friendly and intuitive! ★★Elementique Senior is a collection of exclusive applications that allows you to easily navigate through the different features of your tablet or smartphone: In a simple, design, and secure environment, send an e-mail, manage your calendar, surf the Internet, play, share pictures or chat with your family becomes Childs ‘Play.☆ SIMPLICITY –> AUTONOMY -> PLEASURE ☆Looking for simplicity, comfort and safety while keeping access to all the capabilities of your tablet or Smartphone ? Try Elementique Senior freely for 6 weeks!Looking for simplicity, comfort and safety ? Wanna keep access to all the potential of your tablet or smartphone and it’s high-tech and elegant look ? Try Elementique Senior freely for 6 weeks! After this period, if you want to continue the experience, you will be redirected to the "Elementique Senior License" application (single cost). If you do not want to continue with Elementique Senior , simply uninstall Elementique Senior applications.☆ INFORMATION – INSTALLATION ☆Elementique Senior is a complete Android solution. It’s optimal use requires :- The installation of every Elementique Senior applications (no additional cost) - To choose Elementique as homescreen . On some devices, this may involve manual adjustment- The use of a gmail addressWhen using for the first time, some adjustments are necessary: - Weather: Installing the Chronus application and configuration- Simplified keyboard : Possibility to choose a simplified keyboard "alphabetical". For this, install the application Anysoftkeyboard and choose the keyboard "Elementique"Available languages :English – Español – Français – Italiano – Nederlands – Polski – Português – Русский Arabic and Chinese (very) partial translations are included.If you wish to have Elementique translated into your language ? Any translation suggestion ?Don’t hesitate to contact us, any help is welcome : [email protected]☆ PARTNERSHIPS ☆Do you want to distribute Elementique Senior or use it on a large scale? Join our network of partners, contact us via [email protected]☆ ELEMENTIQUE SENIOR APPLICATIONS ☆Elementique Senior Launcher : Allows you to navigate easily and securely between the different features of your tablet or smartphoneElementique Senior Calendar : Appointment with the Doctor, birthdays, time for medicines… Reminders are super-useful !Elementique Senior Messages : The pleasure of sending and receiving news from your friends and family by e-mail, pictures or documentsElementique Senior Internet : Elementique guides you while you are surfing the web and you can safely and easily find the information you’re looking forElementique Senior Leisure : Games, radio, music,… Enjoy all the leisure opportunities of your tablet of smartphoneElementique Senior Pictures & Documents : Watch your photo album, take or share pictures with your family and friends. Read or write documents.Elementique Senior Applications : No more mess ! Find easily your favorite applicationsElementique Senior Contact : Find your contacts in de directory. If you want to, you have the possibility of creating multiple google accounts (each of them having their own calendar, e-mails, contacts, …). It’s also possible to give to a relative, access to your Gmail account, so that he or she can provide you remote help.Elementique Senior Phone : SMS ? Phone call ? Skype ? Everything is possible, you’re the one who choose !

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