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The future of live filters on Android. Working hard to do things not possible as of yet with filters on Android, so please support our creative community! Take your pictures and videos to the next level with over 25 filters in Generate. Generate puts the world’s most powerful creative filters in your hands. Add music to videos and create music videos on the fly, layer and adjust filters in an instant. Share your creations to all your favourite social networks. Get inspired by Generate’s community of Creators. Follow your favourite creators and show off your best work with our public profiles. Go beyond the selfie with Generate.Android users stay connected, we are now making updates ongoing and your feedback is amazing. Thanks for supporting creativity today!Updated Features:Over 25 filters for your pics and videosLayer 2 filters and adjust them liveAdd music to your videos & watch the filters reactJoin our community of creatorsGet Social With Us:#generateappinstagram.com/generateappfacebook.com/generateapptwitter.com/generateapphttp://www.generateapp.comhttp://hybriditymusic.com/

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