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Sphere Slinger


Fight off the onslaught of evil bricks by flinging colorful orbs at them.Here's what to expect in Sphere Slinger:-BALLS-Science-Assorted bricks and brick accessories-Physics-Flinging-Slinging-Pinging-Dingalinging-Explosions of colors and emotions-Time Dilation-Intense gameplay (really, don't play if you're old or make a weird face when you get excited)-Unlockable balls-A ball shaped like a tomahawk-Multiple balls shaped like spheres-33 Balls that only '90s kids will remember-The rest of the balls-Bricks-Three-dimensional objects confined to two dimensions-Two-dimensional objects operating in three dimensions-Well technically you can add a dimension to both of those (time)-Music that I had to buy because I don't make music-The key to true artificial intelligence -Rich backstory with complex characters-Rainbows-Roy G. Cbp himself-Indigo isn't a thing-Get over yourself, Indigo-Balls againExperiences may vary

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