Funding Responsibilities Mobile App.BASED ON THE BOOK WITH SAME NAMETwo Major Challenges faced by Managers for Recruitment and Advisors for Business1) Today the challenge for an advisor for selling and a manager for recruiting an advisor is that most people get put off by the very word of insurance due to the negative experiences associated with Insurance. Therefore Lazarus thought that it would be necessary to create an innovative sales and Recruitment approach where we avoid using any of the insurance Language and steer clear of it.Funding Responsibilities process has been very successful in creating an innovative and passionate sales and also a recruitment approach without using any insurance language. It talks about the things which everybody knows – that they have Responsibilities which they need to discharged. It is also a fact that nobody ever thinks about having a written Plan to fund those responsibilities.This Mobile App makes buying life insurance and recruiting advisors very easy as customers will not even know that they are getting into insurance till the time they give you the cheque. A cleverly designed powerful sales process where you make the customer write down things to make him aware of his duties head on.2) This App can be used to generate thousands of leads by using the basic feature which helps to inform anybody about his Retirement Corpus in 1 minutejust by asking suspects their annual expenses, date of birth and retirement age. It creates a foundation for developing a strong relationship and can be used in cold calling also.

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