Indoor GPS


【Demo Video】【Make Your Own Indoor Map】★ Build a WiFi MapStep1. Click camera icon to capture the floor plan image by your smartphone.Step2. Click "Start Point" in option menu (or press Volume-Up key instead) to locate your start position. Then, please walk in a straight line to your destination position.Step3. When you walk to your destination position, please click "End Point" item in the option menu (or press Volume-Down key instead) to locate your last position.★ Detect Indoor PositionStep4. After processing the collected data, Indoor GPS will automatically detect you indoor position (constructed by Step1~Step3) and display your current position in the blue dot..【SDK Features】✔ Innovative Algorithm. More accurate in indoor positioning✔ No Internet Access. Traveler can enjoy it without paying any roaming fee..【Official Website】

8F,198, Sec.2 Tun Hwa S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 10669
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